Out and About at the Kilkenny Farmers Market


On Thursday morning we awoke to a beautiful, clear, crisp November day.  The sun was shining in the bright blue sky and we emerged from the house bleary eyed and blinking at the golden orb in sky ( it had been a while since we had seen it we almost forgotten what it looked like!!) […]

Mum & Bump


You’ve heard it before,  you see a pregnant woman, a Mother to be, and words like “radiant”, “blooming”, “glowing”, all spring to mind.   Well, yesterday my best friend came for a visit to my house,  at 34 weeks, she is the epitome of radiance.  The excitement and love for her first unborn child is […]



I have a furry, four legged  niece, and her name is Bundy.  She is not of the human race, but of a far smellier Staffordshire Terrier dog variety.    We had the pleasure of looking after her for an entire week, and lets just say, that this dog is more demanding than any child! Like […]

Backyard Blitz – Vol.1


Remember before how I was very keen to revolutionise the garden from a parking lot concrete slap into something I would like to sit in?,  well phase one of this massive undertaking includes getting some potted plants for the “seating area”,  or basically,  the area that has poured concrete (awful), in my vain attempt to […]


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