Out & About at Foodworks, Kilkenny

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As you may or may not know for a while there Dave and I went Vegan,  and hard as I tried to get into it and enjoy it I REALLY MISSED meat, milk, cheese, chocolate and all that other stuff that makes living and eating FUN!!  During this food hiatus I have to be honest […]

The Little Green Grocer

The Little Green Grocer, Kilkenny

It was only yesterday when Dave and I were looking for somewhere to eat that we decided to hang a left instead of our usual right when we hit the top of the high street in Kilkenny.  And I am so glad we did, there we discovered the cutest little shop which was aptly named “The Little […]

Out and About at the Kilkenny Farmers Market


On Thursday morning we awoke to a beautiful, clear, crisp November day.  The sun was shining in the bright blue sky and we emerged from the house bleary eyed and blinking at the golden orb in sky ( it had been a while since we had seen it we almost forgotten what it looked like!!) […]

Butternut Squash Risotto


As the winter draws in I find myself looking for heart warming, earthy, comforting recipes.  Yes, its time to drag out your winter woolies,  slip on your old aran cardigan (as I have done/doing as we speak) and tuck into a wholesome bowl of autumn goodness. Nothing says fall like Butternut squash.  It  is a […]

Lamb Lollipops


Lamb lollipops,  yes, you did read that right!   This is a no frills Friday food indulgence dinner, the end of the work week all you want is a little treat,  this dish is made for mucky eaters, its all slop and mess and is a brilliant equaliser,  breaking down polite conversation and forcing everyone […]

Out and about at…Cafe La Coco!


The other day whilst out grabbing lunch I stumbled across this little gem of a cafe in Kilkenny.  This cafe sits cheerful and bright on lower Patrick Street, calling out to passers by to come in and have a coffee.   The green cafe chairs draped with warm blankets for those that find dining outdoors […]

Savour Kilkenny Food Festival


Well,  its been a busy, busy last few months!  Firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of entries,  you see,  recently I have been through a bit of a…hmm… some like to call it a “pre- midlife crisis”,  (haha), maybe I am having mine early!  anyways… I kind of lost my mojo,  I […]

Banana Ice-Cream


It was a while ago that the recipe for one ingredient Banana ice-cream was discovered!   now I know this is probably not news to many of you, but let me tell me it was REVOLUTIONARY to me!   one ingredient you say?  yes!   so,  having nearly black bananas looking lost and forlorn in the fruit […]


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