Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins


It’s Wednesday so we all need a little lift.    On Friday night last I made a batch of Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins.   My intentions were pure,  I was to bring them around to my friends house where the girls were gathering for lunch on Saturday.   I did manage to bring them around, but not […]

Miss Courtney’s Tearooms


A while ago I blogged about my love of “High Tea”, and all the ceremony that accompanies it. I happened to mention my favourite little tearoom, “Miss Courtney’s Tearooms” in Killarney Co. Kerry, where my love of “taking tea” is combined with my love of all things vintage.

Taking Tea


I read somewhere recently that  the “Tea Room” is making a come back,  that ‘High Tea’ is in a renaissance,  I dare to believe it, but can only hope that it is true.   There is NOTHING I like more than going for high tea,  the more over the top and flouncy the better.  I […]


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